How Sports Highlights Can Help Promote a Sport Long After the Event Has EndedHow Sports Highlights Can Help Promote a Sport Long After the Event Has Ended

Sports highlights are popular and can be used to promote a sport long after the event has ended. These two-minute highlight packages can be used as b-roll in the media, by athletes at school presentations, and sent to granting organizations as proof of the event’s success. They can also be used as promotional material for the next year’s event.

House of Highlights

House of Sports Highlights is a popular video-sharing site with a small but devoted audience of sports fans. Its success is attributed in part to its marketing strategy. The company has partnered with Bleacher Report and Turner, which is largely due to NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s openness to using in-game footage.

The website is a favorite among Gen Z sports fans and boasts more Instagram followers than ESPN or Fox Sports combined. Its videos have garnered over a million views and more than 1,000 comments. In October alone, the site earned 537 million video views and 89 million interactions. It has also added 258,000 followers in just 31 days.

House of Highlights has been experimenting with new ways to engage and captivate a young audience. The company has noticed a trend among Gen-Z viewers and is working to change the way they consume sports media. Its objective is to reinvent the way fans watch live sports competitions. Its original programming is designed to appeal to a young, digital-native audience.


Quik is one of the best programs out there for creating your own sports video highlights. You can use Quik to create a highlight reel of a game or event in seconds. It features excellent filters and music, making it a breeze to produce a great highlight video. Simply choose the theme, add videos and pictures, and Quik will do the rest.


ESPNEWS is a sports channel in the United States. It airs original programming like College Football Live, which gives live looks at multiple college football games. Its programming is similar to ESPN Goal Line and ESPN Deportes but features different sports. The channel also carries sports events in Spanish and English.

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In addition to sports highlights, ESPNEWS broadcasts daily news and debate shows. The channel also televises more live events than it has before. Two years ago, the channel quietly canceled its sports highlights show Highlight Express, which was based on the former ESPN2 program. It has since been replaced with SportsCenter episodes. Ultimately, ESPNEWS has become a 24-hour sports highlights channel that should replace ESPN3.

The channel is also available on satellite and cable systems. Cable systems typically offer it as a premium channel. Some satellite carriers offer it as part of a standard package. Regional sports networks also air it on their networks. It usually airs sports highlights, press conferences, and analyst commentary. Despite the network’s popularity, ESPNU and ESPNEWS are not available to all viewers.


The internet is a great place to find and post highlights from your favorite sporting events. With the help of video editing software, you can make your sports highlights video easily and efficiently. The trick is to keep your video clips short. The average YouTube video is three to four minutes long, and videos longer than that will turn viewers off. You can also use special effects on your video, but make sure they don’t look too cheesy.

Using slow motion is a great way to capture the key moments in a sporting event. You can also use a freeze frame to show a specific point in a game. You should also make sure that the video’s audio is recorded at the correct volume. This way, fans will know who is speaking and what happens on screen.

One YouTube channel documenting NBA games is FreeDawkins. The channel uploads up to 12 videos in a 24-hour span. Some of these videos include full highlights of games featuring Karl-Anthony Towns, Kobe Bryant, and Devin Booker. This channel also has an older series called VintageDawkins. Whether or not these highlights are legal, FreeDawkins is a good option for fans looking for highlights of old games.


The NFL and its sports site have been performing very well on Facebook, with over 1.6 million engagements in September alone. Moreover, the NFL has a very strong presence on Twitter, as well, having recently signed a deal with the social network to show pro football highlights. But what’s the future for the NFL and its sports brand?

In 2017, the NFL and Facebook announced a multi-year programming partnership. Through the agreement, the NFL will be able to distribute game recaps and highlights to users across the world. The NFL will also distribute videos created by NFL Films on Facebook Watch. The content will include videos of the NFL Films’ classic game archives, as well as special 100th-season videos.

In addition to the NFL, Facebook also has plans to live stream other major sporting events. In addition, Twitter is working with Facebook to stream live events. The latter has already announced plans to broadcast Major League Soccer and Champions League matches. Facebook also has a partnership with Stadium to stream college football games. It’s a great way to engage fans with your content and promote tickets and merchandise.


If you like watching sports and want to see what is going on behind the scenes, Instagram can provide a wealth of content. For example, if you love NBA basketball, you’ll love the House of Highlights account. The account showcases NBA stars performing dunks and jumps. It is a popular account with over 16 million followers.

If you love NBA games, Instagram is an ideal platform to find eye-popping sports highlights and viral sports moments. The site features a community of passionate fans, including NBA players Steph Curry and LeBron James. The content is created both for Instagram Stories and for paying advertisers. In fact, a recent Instagram story for the 5-Hour Energy drink set a record for the most views.

Despite its large following, Instagram is still a relatively new platform. In fact, it has been around for just over two years. The site has over 400 social posts a day and has recently started focusing more on TikTok. In addition to its Instagram account, Sports Highlights also has a personal website and profiles on various social networks.

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