How to Sell Football Cards

The first step in learning how to sell football cards is to create a detailed list of your collection. Determine the total number of cards and their years of release and then enter that information into a spreadsheet or word document. You should also take scans of your best cards. Next, identify the players whose cards you have. Once you’ve done this, cross-reference your collection with the list of Pro Football Hall of Famer cards.


If you are a football fan and have a large collection of football cards, you can sell them on eBay. The most important thing to remember when selling on eBay is to price your cards fairly and realistically. Putting your cards at the lowest price possible is not a good idea because other sellers may outbid you and win the auction.

Ensure that you have a clear picture and a comprehensive description of each card in your listing. This will increase your bidder’s confidence and increase their willingness to bid. You should not exaggerate the condition of your cards, but you should provide as much detail as possible. If you notice any defects, note them in your description.

eBay is one of the most popular places to sell sports cards. Its marketplace has over 24 million listings for sports cards. You can choose from auction-style listings or fixed-price listings and set your own price. Once you’ve decided which way to list your cards, the next step is to wait for buyers to place their offers.


If you are looking for a place to sell your football cards, Otia is a great place to do so. This online auction site will buy your entire collection, including lower-priced, hard-to-sell cards. Simply contact them via email, phone, or via their Contact Us form on their website and submit your cards for valuation. They’ll send you an estimate within 30 days of receiving them. You can also send in pictures and a description of your cards.

Otia pays through PayPal or check. You can also sell your cards locally in your area by using Facebook. You can use Facebook’s Marketplace to advertise in your area, and you can also advertise your cards in Facebook Groups. This way, you will be more likely to get serious buyers.


If you’re a fan of football cards, StockX may be the right place for you. The site offers a variety of services and offers a live chat support service. Customers can also send questions and get help through email. The company’s customer support team is available from nine am to nine pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday. In addition, the site provides a knowledge base for users to use. Most questions are answered within 24 hours. StockX also checks each item, so you don’t have to worry about buying something that’s fake.

The company has built its reputation on trust, and it stands behind its product. Moreover, its credentials point to a growing company. This means that when selling football cards on StockX, you’ll have no reason to worry about the quality of your items. Moreover, StockX pays fast. You can sell your football cards and receive payments within 24 hours. Moreover, you can also avail of discounted seller fees for a limited time. These discount offers typically last for 24 hours and give you a 50% discount off your fees. These discounts apply to the standard seller fee (6-10%) and do not include the processing payment fee.

When you sell your football cards on StockX, you won’t have to worry about storing them and shipping them to your buyer. The company will scan your cards and authenticate them. They will list them on their marketplace and pay you when the deal is final. They also offer a free service to list sports cards on their website.

Blowout Forums

The Blowout forums are a place where you can sell sports cards and make some extra cash. You can buy and sell cards for specific teams and players, and you can talk about the hobby with other sports card collectors. You can also sell autographs and trading cards. You can list your cards in the Blowout Store, which accepts PayPal and store credit.

Many collectors find it challenging to list their cards on the Blowout forums, but the process is not impossible. The forums are community-based, and members from all walks of life can buy and sell cards. Some of these forums also feature PSA cards, so you can browse other collectors’ PSA sets to see if they’re interested in buying or selling.

The Blowout Cards forums are separated into major categories. Some are dedicated to buying and selling amongst members, while others are for off-topic issues. These forums aren’t strictly sports-related; there are also gems for old-school diamond collectors and a long baseball card thread for those who like baseball.


If you are selling your football cards, the first step is figuring out how many cards you have. You should know how many cards are in your collection, and what year they were made. You can do this by using a word document or spreadsheet. You should also scan the cards to identify their condition. If possible, identify players who are prominent in your collection. Then, cross-reference your set with the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

There are many ways to sell football cards online. You can use specialized sites such as COMC and TonyeTrade. However, these sites can be time-consuming, and the vetting process can be long. Other options include Facebook groups and eBay. While these sites come with small fees, you can control your pricing and the selling process yourself.

Another option for selling your cards is to list them on an online sports card marketplace such as Comc. This website allows you to post listings for sports cards in almost any condition, and it will even evaluate the condition of your cards. The site also offers a buyer’s guide so that you can avoid scammers.

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